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Date : 21 February 2024


The ASMO School round competition will be held in May 2024. As the preparation for the competition, ASMO conducting the Olympiad online workshop for primary Grade 1 to 6 (Maths, Science and English) in English version. This online workshop is not only for ASMO students, it is open to all students that wish to join any competition and want to gain extra knowledge.
We also bring experienced teachers to guide you in the workshop.
>> Teacher Bell - Science
>> Teacher Sugu - Maths
>> Teacher Cynthia - English
Purchase 2024 workshop and get a discount voucher up to 50% off for any previous year’s workshop.

To : whom it may concern

From : ASMO Team

Date : 02 February 2024


Refer to the statement above,

ASMO Team has agreed to postpone the registration date for ASMO School Round 2024 which the actual registration date is on 19th February 2024 to 12th March 2024 due to the ASMO system upgrade and school holiday. The registration will be closed on 19th April 2024 (offline mode) and 5th May 2024 (online mode).


2. For teacher in charge and parents that have any queries or concerns please contact ASMO Team at asmocareline@gmail.com or through our official hotline number at 017-6424 831 (WhatsApp also available).


3. Therefore, we would like to thank all the supports and patience given by teacher in charge and parents. We’re giving our best to speed up all the process. You may forward this notice to others.



Thank you




Individual E-report Download is now back online and available at ASMO official website for ASMO School Round, ASMO State Round & ASMO National Round♦. Participants are now able to download their own E-report through the website.




Visit www.asmo2u.com ➡ Select Malaysia 🇲🇾 ➡ Result ➡ Individual E-report